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It's Official! We have a Book!

It's official! I've signed a contract with PsychoToxin Press to publish my horror/thriller novella Death in the Cards. I am beyond excited to work with this publisher and get my book into print. Release is planned for Sept. 12, 2023 on Amazon.

If you're a collector, or... a fan, we have a limited edition signed and numbered hardcover available now for pre-order. It makes a great gift! Order here on the PsychoToxin website.

Want to get rid of that pesky someone? Have a Tarot reading with Queenie. It's all in the cards-for a hefty fee! Naïve Janeen signs on as apprentice and falls prey to Queenie's dark magic until she realizes her own power to save herself. But can she defeat Queenie in the ultimate duel of the Tarot?

Watch for it! Death in the Cards by Susan E. Rogers. Published by PsychoToxin Press.

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