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#PitDark is on!

Today is #PitDark on Twitter.

"#PitDark is the first and only Twitter pitch event to highlight literature of a “darker” nature. Importantly, this is not limited to horror works; however, any pitched manuscript must contain an element of horror or darker writing. Examples of such categories include pure horror novels, dark fantasy, murder mysteries, psychological horror stories, non-fiction works about darker subjects, etc. "

Once again, I'm going to try my best to attract the attention of an agent or publisher with my pitch for Haunted in Paradise. To me, this is the most difficult part of writing. I have never been a very good salesperson for anything, though I have tried in the past. In this case, however, the stakes are higher than ever before. I want this book published and I want you all to be able to read it!

Wish me luck!

HAUNTED IN PARADISE Sharon refuses her ex’s deathbed apology & psychic warnings propel her life into chaos. Is his ghost stalking her? Or something worse? She fights the fiend with her psychic ability & quick wit. Saving her paradise & her life depends on it. #PitDark#A#T#PN

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