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Death in the Cards

Want to get rid of that pesky someone? Have a Tarot reading with Queenie. It's all in the cards... for a hefty fee!


Naïve Janeen signs on as apprentice to read Tarot with Queenie, her recently deceased grandmother's life-long friend and business partner. She becomes caught up in Queenie's dark readings, offering their clients deadly solutions to problems courtesy of the Tarot.


Strange symptoms possess her and she falls prey to Queenie's dark magic, until she finds her grandmother's journals and stumbles across Queenie's book of spells.


But is Janeen strong enough to protect herself against Queenie’s sorcery? The older woman is powerful and has no intention of letting herself succumb to a novice. Janeen's bold challenge and Queenie's unscrupulous offense finally come to a head.


There can only be one Master.

This book is currently  out of print. A limited number of paperback copies are available from the author at

Also available for sale at

Breezy's Beach Shop, 5050 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach FL.

Uncovering Norman: Proving the Former Life of a Ghost 

Most people during their lifetime experience some contact with the spirit world. Their reactions can vary from laughing off such nonsense as coincidence to praying for the demon to leave them alone. But what would you do if a ghost wanted to be your friend?

In this, the authors first book dealing with the spirit realm, she relates the true story of Norman, a ghost who has returned to become her spirit guide, protector, and friend. The story follows the first few years of their friendship and explains how the author uses her extensive experience with genealogy research as a way to prove and validate that Norman the Ghost actually existed as a real person.

She successfully searches out the details of his life using clues that he gives her in their psychic communications. Along the way, they both learn some very valuable life lessons as they come to realize the reasons they are together in their current incarnations as well as the fact that they have been together in past lives.

In the second part of the book, the author discovers one of those past lives when she and Norman were together as siblings. Once again, using her gifts in accessing the spirit realm and the Akashic Records, the author goes back with Norman to this past life in medieval Germany. Using the messages and information they receive in multiple visits back to this life, the author uses her research skills and techniques to find validation of multiple facets of their life together during that time.

Signed copy available for purchase from the author, through the contact page on this site. Or order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at the bookstore of Balboa Press (preferred).

Balboa Press

Also available for sale at

Breezy's Beach Shop, 5050 Gulf Blvd, St. Pete Beach FL.

Short Stories
in Magazines and Anthologies


Winds of Aeolus

Christine inherits her uncle's Florida home hoping for a fresh start. As she settles in, strange occurrences escalate. A collision of reality and myth that Christine must overcome to survive.

Nightmares Narratives

An on-line subscription service of Dark Holme Publishing, offering new original stories of horror and dark fantasy stories every Tuesday and Friday via their onsite forum. The subscription requires a monthly fee, but there is a first month free trial offer available at this link.

Faces in the Glass

Anne celebrated her birthday with a special ritual ever since she was 13. Today is her 30th and she intends to carry on the tradition, despite being isolated at home by a monster blizzard. But events don't go as planned and she ends up with Enna, her mirror image... Or is she? Just who is reality and who is the reflection​?

Coming Soon...

Dark Emporium - Vol. 2

An anthology of dark tales published by Graveyard Press, the horror imprint of Fiction4All Publishing. Anticipated release May 2024.

The Secret of Greenwood

Mari had never been in Greenwood, despite living in the next town over. Her friends have plans for a birthday camp-out in the forest there and Mari fully intends to go, despite her mother's pleading to stay away with a vague warning. "It's not for our kind."​ It doesn't take long for Mari to learn the truth about the town and its residents, along with a few surprising secrets about herself that she'll need to survive the night.


Campfire Tales

An anthology published by PsychoToxin Press, October 30, 2023.


There's never enough time... But what should you do when time doesn't go in a straight line? 


Published  online in Trembling with Fear, weekly ezine of Horror Published online by Horror Tree Press, September 17, 2023. Read "Slippage" in Trembling with Fear. (Scroll down to story.)

Twenty-Two Minutes Live

The future of television. Where we all watch live broadcasts of sit-coms and game shows for twenty-two minutes of every half hour. (Leave enough time for commercials in between!) And all the actors are Clones with Artificial Intelligence feeding them their lines. What could possibly go wrong? Mwahahaha!

Published online by Eye Tales, PsychoToxin Press, July 25, 2023. No longer available.



Soul Mates? Choose wisely. You never know what the ulterior motive might be.

Published in print and online in The Artisan Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue X, May 2023. Page 18.

Available free online. Enjoy the full issue.

Read "Hell-Bent" in The Artisan.

A Thousand Words

When two lifelong friends are confronted with forgotten memories, they return to a single event that altered their lives forever. Dani must relive the devastating day her mother accused her of a theft she did not commit. Jess is forced to acknowledge her responsibility for the rift between Dani and her mother. The two women each have to decide how to respond to their own issues and to each other. Do they mend their shattered friendship, or do they go their separate ways forever?

Released November 5, 2022 in Personal Bests Journal, Issue 5, edited by David Gardiner, London UK.

Available on Amazon USA and Amazon UK.


Axe Man

Even a psychic can be fooled by a clever spirit, not quite sure if a being is alive or dead. 

"He lay on his left side on one of the park benches that lined the sidewalks along this street of quasi-upscale restaurants and shoppes. A wizened old guy with a shock of wiry snow-white hair that overwhelmed his shrunken head. In fact, his whole body looked like someone had thrown him in a washer of hot water and suds. The knobs and sticks of his bones poked through shriveled skin colored the unbiased mocha of years spent living in the Florida sun..."

~ from "Axe Man" by Susan E. Rogers

Published November 1, 2022, in Grande Dame Literary Journal. Available free online. Enjoy the full issue.

Grande Dame Literary Journal, November 1, 2022

Coming Soon

Haunted in Paradise. For Fall 2024 release, published by Grendel Press.


Sharon Coady, a practicing psychic, thought she would be rid of her ex-husband’s manipulation when he died, but she couldn’t know that she would have to deal with both his ghost and his demented ex-lover who would stop at nothing, including murder, to exact her revenge.

Watch for the announcement!


The Author's upcoming next book about her communication with the spirit world. A collection of four compelling stories that will tug at your heart, told by the ghosts who lived through them. The author not only tells each spirit's tale but also offers the research and documentation to validate the experiences of their life story.

Did you ever think that anyone could write a story in 42 words?

How Does Your Garden Grow - A Giant Secret.”

My short story of 42 words (with a title of 42 characters) will be published soon in 42 Stories Anthology, a collection of 42 stories in each of 42 topics, all containing 42 words. What fun! Anticipated print release in November 2024.


Please Sit Still: A Tale of Robert the Doll

"Spirits have personalities, too. Some are sweet and pleasant, some are nasty and mischievous. Sometimes it’s all in how you approach them.

No visit to Key West, Florida is complete without a visit to Robert the Doll, at least for a psychic like me..." 

~ from "Please Sit Still: A Tale of Robert the Doll" by Susan E. Rogers 


Out of Time: True Paranormal Encounters

Are ghosts real? The question has haunted us for ages. Almost every culture in the world has tales and stories of the unknown things that lurk in our periphery. Contained within are 26 true stories about ghosts, poltergeists, haunted houses, unexplained events, and possessed items. You’ll find stories about strange noises, objects that vanish and reappear in odd places, dolls that refuse to sit still, haunted battlefields, abandoned castles, and much more! But beware: after reading this anthology, you might just start believing in the things that are trapped out of time.

Out of Time: True Paranormal Encounters on Amazon


Death by Leaf Blower

The Yard: Crime Blog. Published August 31, 2022, online. Read "Death by Leaf Blower" in The Yard: Crime Blog

The most irritating noise in the world... And it just goes on and on and on. We all have that one neighbor who seems to push the limit every time. How far would you go to stop the noise and save your sanity? Published August 31, 2022, free to read online.

The Yard: Crime Blog

The Only Mother You Have

Sometimes, families, or the members within them, can't live up to what's expected. A mother isn't always a mother; a sister can be more than a sister.

Published January 21, 2022, in the January/February issue of Literary Mama. Available free online. Enjoy the full issue.

Literary Mama, January/February 2022.

Family, After All

A young girl loses all she loves and finds herself a whole ocean away from everything she knows. An old man, a stranger, is all she has left, but they are family after all.

Winner of Honorable Mention in the Strands International Flash Fiction Competition - September 13, 2021.

Published September 22, 2021 in the online Ezine Lit Sphere. Scroll down the page and read for free.

Lit Sphere ezine, SIFFC winners


The Keeper

The bonds between a young child and her great-grandfather are forged in ancient legacies as obligations are passed from one generation to the next.

Published September 1, 2021 in Issue 47 of Luna Station Quarterly. See page 92 but enjoy the full issue. Also available in print edition.

Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 47

Author Interview


Karma and A Harley

You never know how someone will react to the death of a loved one. Unless, of course, that loved one may not have been so loved after all...

​Published May 1, 2021 in the Spring Issue of Cobra Milk Literary Magazine. See page 62, but enjoy the full issue free.

Cobra Milk, Issue 02, Spring 2021

All in the Balance

​A dark fantasy short story. There are responsibilities involved with keeping the Universe in balance and Eve took her legacy very seriously. But what will happen when her efforts fall horribly short and she fails to maintain the proper balance?

Published June 27, 2021 in the Summer Issue of Bluing the Blade. See page 20, but enjoy the full issue free. Also available in print edition.

Bluing the Blade, Volume 1, Issue 3, Summer 2021

Download free copy of issue.

Contributor Page

The Sisters 

A short story about a woman's determination to honor her grandmother's final wish, even though that takes her half-way around the world.  Published June 12, 2020 in New Reader Magazine, an online literary magazine.

New Reader Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 10

Flip to page 95 to read.


A short story about courage and a clock.


Published November 8, 2020 in Bright Flash Literary Review online literary magazine.

Bright Flash Literary Review, November 8, 2020

Scroll down to read.


A short story about one woman's adventure to accomplish her goal despite the Coronavirus pandemic. Excerpt published online May 26, 2020 in the Tampa Bay Times, "The Scrapbook: What life has been like during the coronavirus pandemic." Print version anticipated, no date available.

Tampa Bay Times, "The Scrapbook," May 26, 2020

Scroll down to read.


"Best friendship was hard to maintain over two thousand miles, but Meagan and Corinna shared a secret. It wasn’t a good secret, but it was theirs and a bond stronger than any blood or camaraderie could forge. Well actually, it was blood, just not family blood. They would keep that secret forever or at least, she would. She didn’t know if Corinna could keep anything a secret anymore."

from "Blood Debt" by Susan E. Rogers



Night Terrors Vol. 12: Short Horror Stories Anthology 

by Scare Street (Author), Scare Street (Editor)

Prepare for a lethal dose of terror…

A young boy’s art takes a sinister turn when the monstrous creature from his drawings reaches into the real world. The clues to a fiendishly clever crossword puzzle predict a series of tragedies for a witch’s nosy neighbors. And a creepy old doll brings pain and misfortune to a woman struggling to cope with her mother’s illness…

As you’re about to go under the knife, Scare Street’s latest collection of supernatural horror is the morphine you need. This new volume holds thirteen tales of bone-chilling terror. More than enough to send a shock though your system.

Goosebumps, nightmares, shivers running down your spine… The physiological symptoms of fear infest your body. Just relax as your demonic nurse tightens the straps on the operating table. The doctor is in, and he’s ready to begin the operation.

All you need is a good old-fashioned scream—and this just so happens to be this sinister surgeon’s specialty. So, shall we begin?

This is going to hurt a little. Or a lot…

This volume contains the following:
1. Cross Words by Peter Cronsberry
2. Hybrid by Justin Boote
3. Pipe Dreams by William Sterling
4. “For My Next Trick...” by Bryan Clark
5. Blood Debt by Susan E. Rogers
6. Smudge the Head by Kyle Winkler
7. See Me by Charles Welch
8. Half Larva, Will Travel by Andrey Pissantchev
9. Just We Two by Shell St. James
10. Caustic Whispers by Zach Friday
11. Roach by C. M. Saunders
12. Unarmed by Warren Benedetto
13. Gwen Speaks by Ron Ripley

Night Terrors, Volume 12, on Amazon


Missy walked along the side of the road in the direction of her house.

It was a dark and stormy night.

“Yea, right, that’s how it always starts,” she sniffed.

~ from "Dark and Stormy" by Susan E. Rogers


101 Proof Horror
to set your world ablaze!

HauntedMTL stitches together a collection of gruesome tales from the haunted streets of Montreal to the dying husk of farmland Nebraska to the fallen shores of California, and all areas in between.
This anthology features new stories of terror and mayhem to fester in your mind featuring ghosts, forgotten gods, and other creatures of the night. May you never sleep again...

  • ‘HauntedMTL brings some of horror’s freshest voices together in one place. The fiendish imagination collected in this massive book is unparalleled in modern literature. This is a must-have for horror fans young and old.’ – Jim Phoenix, author of the best selling psychodrama Sins of the Father

  • 'There are stories in here that made me sleep with the light on…’ Stephanie Roy, author of the #1 selling Chemotherapy and Tequila: The Last Road Trip

  • ‘Chilling art with stories that match the darkness of one’s soul. HauntedMTL has unearthed and encased in a single volume some the biggest and darkest voices of modern horror.’ – Mahmoud Sharif, award winning author of The Formative Years

101 Proof Horror, on Amazon

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