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Susan E. Rogers lives in Tampa  Bay, Florida, retired from a Social Work career in Massachusetts. Retirement was a catalyst for beginning her life-long ambition to write. A genealogist with forty years’ experience and a practicing psychic, she often twists these themes into her writing. She has previously published articles, newsletters and anthologies related to genealogy and family history research. In 2018, she self-published her first book related to her own psychic experiences. In 2020, she began her professional writing career with publication of short stories and poetry in several anthologies as well as short fiction published in online and print literary and genre magazines. In September 2023, an occult thriller was published by an independent press. A supernatural mystery novel is under contract for release in Fall 2024.


Publications and Credits



Reynolds Family Association Centennial Collection, 100 years of Historical and Genealogical Material Collected by the Reynolds Family Association. Compiled and edited by Susan Rogers Clement, RFA Executive Secretary and Archivist. Published by the Reynolds Family Association, 1992. 813 pages. Includes, “History of the Reynolds Family Association” by Susan Rogers Clement, 1992, 17 pages.


Descendants of Electious Reynolds, genealogy family newsletter. Written and edited by Susan Rogers Clement. Published bi-monthly from 1996 to 2000.


“The Two Wives of Benjamin2 Booth of Early Scituate and Middleborough, Massachusetts, with the Identification of Hannah3 Booth, First Wife of Roger Braley Jr. of Middleborough.” Malcolm A. Young. The American Genealogist, Volume 74 (1999), pages 175-182. Acknowledged by the author for collaboration by Susan Rogers Clement with the research on the Reynolds and Braley families as part of this article (page 179).


“Who Was Ben Wilkie’s Father? Using DNA to Identify My Illegitimate Great-Great-Grandfather of Westport and Dartmouth, Massachusetts.” By Susan E. Rogers. Massachusetts Society of Genealogists, A Genealogical Journal for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Volume 43, Number 3, 2018-2019, pages 79-85. Winner of third-place in the 2018 Massachusetts Society of Genealogists writing contest.

Uncovering Norman, Proving the Former Life of a Ghost. Susan E. Rogers. Bloomington, Indiana: Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, 2018. Available on the Balboa Press website, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Uncovering Norman in Balboa Press Bookstore


“Covert.” Short story. "The Scrapbook: What life has been like during the coronavirus pandemic." Tampa Bay Times. Published online May 26, 2020. Print version anticipated, no date available.

Read the excerpt from "Covert" online in TBT (Scroll down to story)

“The Sisters.” Short story. New Reader Magazine. Published June 12, 2020 in online literary magazine.

Read "The Sisters" online in NRM   (Scroll down to story)

“Summer Love Song.” Florida Bards Pinellas County Poetry Review. Long Island, New York: Local Gems Press, July 2020.


“Dark and Stormy.” Short story. 101 Proof Horror, print anthology. HauntedMTL,, August 2020. 101 Proof Horror on Amazon.

“Sanctuary.” Short story. Bright Flash Literary Review. Published November 8, 2020 in online literary magazine. Read "Sanctuary" online in Bright Flash Literary   (Scroll down to story)


“Blood Debt.” Short story. Night Terrors Vol. 12, anthology. Scare Street Publishers. E-book, audio and print version release April 12, 2021. Night Terrors, Vol. 12 on Amazon

“Karma and a Harley.” Short story. Cobra Milk, literary and arts journal.  Published May 1, 2021, Issue II, Spring 2021, online. Read "Karma and a Harley" online in Colbra Milk   (Scroll down to story)

"All in the Balance." Short Story. Published June 27, 2021 in Summer 2021, Bluing the Blade, Vol. 1 Issue 3, online and in print. Read "All in the Balance" online in Bluing the Blade

"The Keeper." Short Story. Luna Station Quarterly, Issue 47. Published September 1, 2021, online and in print. Read "The Keeper" online in LSQ

"Family, After All."  Short Story. Winner of Honorable Mention (4th place) in the Strands International Flash Fiction Competition - September 13, 2021. Published September 22, 2021 in the online Ezine Lit SphereRead "Family, After All" online in Lit Sphere Ezine


"The Only Mother You Have." Short Story. Literary Mama, January/February 2022 issue. Published January 21, 2022, online. Read "The Only Mother You Have" online in Literary Mama


"Death by Leaf Blower." Short story. The Yard: Crime Blog. Published August 31, 2022, online. Read "Death by Leaf Blower" in The Yard: Crime Blog

"Please Sit Still." Short Story. Out of Time: True Paranormal Encounters. Print Anthology. Timber Ghost Press. Released October 4, 2022. Out of Time: True Paranormal Encounters  on Amazon

“Axe Man.” Short story. Grande Dame Literary. Published November 1, 2022, online. Read "Axe Man" in Grande Dame Literary Journal.


“A Thousand Words.” Short Story. Personal Bests Journal, Issue 5. Published November 5, 2022, London UK.  On Amazon USA Personal Bests Journal Issue 5. On Amazon UK Personal Bests Journal Issue 5.


Excerpt from Chapter 1 of By the Fire of Gracie, novel manuscript. Reading by invitation for Flash Fiction Forum, live on Zoom platform, March 8, 2023.

"Hell-Bent." Short Story. The Artisan Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue X, May 2023. Published in print and online. Read "Hell-Bent" in The Artisan.

"Twenty-Two Minutes Live." Short Story. Published online by Eye Tales, PsychoToxin Press, July 25, 2023. No longer available.

Death in the Cards. Novella. Susan E. Rogers. Bridgeport, Connecticut: PsychoToxin Press, 2023. Released Sept 12, 2023. Currently out of print. Limited number of paperback copies are still available from the author at

"Slippage." Short Story.  Trembling with Fear, weekly ezine of Horror Published online by Horror Tree Press, September 17, 2023. Read "Slippage" in Trembling with Fear. (Scroll down to story.)

"The Secret of Greenwood." Short Story. Campfire Tales, anthology published by PsychoToxin Press, October 30, 2023.


"Winds of Aeolus." Short Story. Nightmare Narratives, by Dark Holme Publishing. Published on-line April 9, 2024. Paid on-line subscription service, with one month free trial offer. 

"Faces in the Glass." Short Story.  Dark Emporium, Volume 2anthology of dark tales published by Graveyard Press, the horror imprint of Fiction4All Publishing. For publication and release in 2024.

“How Does Your Garden Grow - A Giant Secret.” Short story. 42 Stories Anthology. Accepted for publication, anticipated print release in 2024.

Haunted in Paradise. Novel. Publication by Grendel Press anticipated for Fall 2024 release.

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