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Synchronicity - Are you in sync with the Universe?

Updated: May 10, 2021

A week ago I started to write a new short story. The main character was a fairy and the name that came through to me for her was Alillya. No specific connection to anything – the name just popped into my head. It seemed like a good name for a fairy, so I went with it. Two days later on Facebook, one of those little game posts came up in the Newsfeed that said, "Your birth month is your fairy name." I scanned down the column to July and there was Lilya. I took that as a sign that the name was the right one for my story fairy!

When you’re on the right path, the Universe always winks and gives a thumbs up.

Synchronicity is a word coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung to describe seemingly coincidental yet meaningfully related events in the external world that do not have an obvious cause. Jung believed that many occurrences labeled as “coincidence” are not due to random chance at all. His belief was that these events are directly related to the observer’s mind, and serve to provide powerful insight, direction and guidance.1

For me, synchronicity is a confirmation from the Universe that all is well. I’m thinking of my deceased sister and her favorite song comes on the radio. I make a decision after much deliberation and turn to find a penny on the ground in front of me. In my genealogy research, I find a new person who could potentially be an ancestor and when I check their birthday, it’s the same as mine. I look at the clock and the time is 11:11.

All these messages from the Universe tell me I’m headed in the right direction.

When these events happen to you, don’t second guess them and don’t overthink them. Accept them with gratitude and the same love with which they are given. These signs are all around you all the time.

Keep your eyes – and mind – wide open!

1 Carl G. Jung (1960), Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, Princeton University Press, 2012, p. 44.

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