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Sunshine State Book Festival

This year the Sunshine State Book Festival is online, virtual and FREE!

A book festival is a celebration of learning and literacy that should be fun as well as educational, bringing together people of all ages who share a love of reading and who will leave the event inspired by their experiences.

Florida has an amazing literary history dating back to William Bartram nearly 250 years ago. Today, Gainesville is a leading center of literary culture and home to hundreds of writers, novelists, playwrights, and poets. And holding the 2021 festival online allows participation from authors from as far away as Singapore and Qatar.

This year’s festival features nearly 100 authors writing in 17 genres. Over a third of them have won literary awards.

The Sunshine State Book Festival is open until June 30, 2021 so you can take your time, look around and participate at your leisure. Don't miss this great opportunity!

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