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#PitMad is Mad

I'm trying this #PitMad thing on Twitter today. Pitches posted for my two manuscripts - Haunted in Paradise and Lady, Will You Hear Me? - intended for agents and publishers on Twitter to find potential manuscripts they might be interested in taking on. We'll see how it goes. You have to post a pitch using only 280 characters - a compelling little description of your story that will make them want to represent it or publish it. So, here they are:

For Haunted in Paradise

Sharon refuses her ex’s deathbed apology. Then psychic warnings propel her life into chaos. Someone or something is stalking her. She uses her psychic ability along with her intellect and quick wit to fight this fiend. Saving her paradise and her life depends on it. #PitMad #A

For Lady, Will You Hear Me?

A collection of four compelling stories that will tug at your heart, told to the author by the ghosts who lived through them. The author not only tells each spirit's tale but also offers the research and documentation to validate the experiences of their life story. #PitMad #A

Most of the pitches I've read are for fantasy and sci-fi, pretty popular genres these days. It's what sells, apparently! Not to mention that these authors are young (far younger than me!) but very enthusiastic and motivated. It's good to see that storytelling still thrives in our culture.

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